• Prescription Lenses

As an INDEPENDENT opticians we can choose a lens from any market leading supplier to give you the best possible vision.


The Oculist is a Seiko lens specialist but these other lens manufacturers are also available. Ultimately our goal is to get you seeing a much clearer world. We are a SEIKO lens specialist benefitting from all the latest lens technology available on the market.


These correct vision at single distances across the whole surface of the lens.


Distance vision, intermediate vision or near vision
Wide range of prescriptions
Wide field of vision
Available in all lens materials, transitions and sunglass tints


These lenses provide clear vision correction for 2 or 3 distances and are characterised by a visible line or “segment” on the lens.


They have 2 or 3 distinct optical powers
Wide areas of stable vision
DV/NV most common. Can be a combination of any optical powers/ focal lengths
Visible segment or dividing line
Available in most lens materials

Hard coating

Reduces scratching on the lens surface but will not stop it.

Anti-reflection coating

Reduces glare and increases image clarity by up to 10%

Transitions / Photochromatic

Convenient UV adapting lens. Goes dark when under direct UV light.


Varifocal lenses are the most common multifocal lenses offering clear vision correction at all distances with no visible lines or segments.


Wide areas of stable vision correction
Distance vision at eye level and increasing prescription for closer work as your eye tracks down the lens
Natural eye position day to day for most tasks
Requires careful measurement and placement over the pupil


The ideal solution for office workers and VDU users
Can be used for various near vision tasks
Computer users often require 2 or more different working distances
Can be tailored to best suit most NV tasks eg Boardroom, desk, DIY work
Wider fields of view for IV and NV tasks

Wrap around lenses for curved frames

Characterised by frames which wrap around the face
Sunglasses have a “high base” or slight wrap to them characterised by a curve
Available in many materials
Available as SV and Varifocal
Polarised, transitions and graduated tints are available

Freeform technology

Latest digital lens technology for the most natural vision. Digital surfacing or freeform technology takes into account many more aspects of a particular frame on an individual’s face and how these two components interact with a prescription.


Significantly wider areas of vision for both SV and PPL
Increased adaptability to PPLs
Better balance
Non tolerance guarantee for PPL wearers
Less peripheral distortion
More natural vision for wrap around lenses
recommended for higher or more complex prescriptions